Project ISO-3D
About the project


To develop a Human Centred Interface methodology and tools which offer a way to analyse and interpret business information from large collection of data.

Consortium Organization

Work packages

  • WP1 : Project management (MS&I)
    • T1.1 : Administrative management (MS&I): Coordination between partners & communication with Commission
    • T1.2 : Technical management (FUNDP): Coordination of technical work and software development and integration
  • WP2 : ISO-3D specification (DMS)
    • T2.1 : End user requirements (ING): Definition of the scope of two pilot applications
    • T2.2 : State of the art (MS&I): Analysis of technology and methodology background
    • T2.3 : Symbolic object generation (DMS): Generation of symbolic object, especially time representation in SO
  • WP3 : ISO-3D methodology & tools (FUNDP)
    • T3.1 : Symbolic object interpretation & design (DMS): Definition of symbolic object interpretation
    • T3.2 : Source code specification (TGS): Definition of all development normalisation aspects (programmation rules, module interfaces, integration code designů)
    • T3.3 : ISO-3D graphical library (FUNDP): Development of the graphic and sound library
    • T3.4 : Methodology (MS&I): Definition of a formal methodology based on ergonomics feature
    • T3.5 : Software methodology (MS&I): Development of a tool supporting the methodology
    • T3.6 : Tool set integration (FUNDP): Integration of the graphic library, the analysis process, the methodology software & the DM tool
  • WP4 : Project evaluation (ING)
    • T4.1 : Pilot application (MS&I): Development of two pilot applications (for ING and for RAI/DMS)
    • T4.2 : Benchmark method (ING): Criteria definition for the pilot applications evaluation
    • T4.3 : Project result evaluation (ING): Evaluation of the pilot applications
  • WP5 : Exploitation & dissemination (TGS)
    • Definition of the falling of the project in terms of market potential, potential other users outside the consortium, dissemination means

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