Conference: Information Processing: Beyond Year 2000 - 16th IFIP World Computer Congress
Organized by: Chinese Institute of Electronics, China Computer Federation, Chinese Institute of Communications
Field: Computer Science, Internet, Pattern Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Informatics
Place: Beijing
Country: China
From: 21.08.2000
To: 25.08.2000
Language(s): english
Description: The event will take place in Beijing, China, where not only a well known cultural and societal atmosphere be offered, but also a booming IT activities be exhibited. The theme of the congress, "Information Processing: Beyond Year 2000", reflects what most IT professionals are elaborating when our society is moving to the next millennium. There are reasons to believe that issues discussed in the congress will have a long lasting impact for our information society of the future.
The main technical component of the Congress will be seven federated conferences. Program committees will be established for each conference, which will work closely with the Technical Committees and Working Groups of IFIP involved in related fields
Abstract: 05.01.2000
Contribution: 10.01.2000
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E-mail 2: Mrs. FENG Ying

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