Conference: TUG '99 Conference
Organized by: TeX Users Group
Field: Mathematics, Computer Science, Publishing
Place: University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia
Country: Canada
From: 15.08.1999
To: 19.08.1999
Language(s): english
Description: The Program Committee is interested in focusing on ``state-of-the-art'' TEX/LATEX, providing practical information on using macro packages, installing and using existing software tools, announcing new macro packages, new software tools or new approaches using TEX/LATEX. We are committed to making this conference one in which each presentation or workshop adds value for the publishing professional--author, publisher, consultant, developer. To better serve the TUG community, the Program Committee would like to provide parallel sessions. For example, a paper may be presented about LaTeX2e: Improving Table/Figure Macros'', which would go into technical detail about these macros. At the same time, a workshop could be provided with step by step instructions for placing your tables and figures in the best location.
Abstract: 17.10.1998
Contribution: 12.03.1999
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