Conference: GRAPH DRAWING '99
Organized by: KAM -- DIMATIA MFF UK, Charles University, Prague
Field: Mathematics, Combinatorics, Computer Science, Internet, Publishing
Place: Štiřín castle in the vicinity of Prague
Country: Czech Republic
From: 15.09.1999
To: 19.09.1999
Language(s): english
Description: The symposium is a forum for researchers, practitioners, developers and users working on all aspects of graph visualization and representations. The range of issues considered in graph drawing includes algorithms, graph theory, geometry, topology, order theory, graphic languages, perception, applications and practical systems.
Much research in graph drawing is motivated by applications to systems for viewing and interacting with graphs. The interaction between theoretical advances and implemented solutions is an important part of the graph drawing field. Results on perception and visualization issues related to diagrams are relevant.
Abstract: ..
Contribution: 26.05.1999
Registration: 31.07.1999
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