Conference: ICSID, Sydney Design 99
Organized by: The Design Institute of Australia (DIA) The Australian Graphic Design Associations (AGDA) The Australian Academy of Design (AAD) International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID) International Council of Graphic Design Associations (ICOGRADA) International Federation of Interior Architects/Interior Designers (IFI)
Field: Statistics, Design
Place: Sydney
Country: Australia
From: 26.09.1999
To: 30.09.1999
Language(s): English
Description: The approach of the new millenium with all it's challanges and opportunities will be signaled with the most significant design event ever, Sydney Design 99. It will bring to Australia's Olympic city the combined international meetings of the peak bodies for industrial, interior and graphic desig: ICOGRADA, ICSID, and IFI.
Additional information: The Sydney Design 99 trade exhibition will provide exhibitors with unique access to the world's leading designers from more than 100 countries.
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