Conference: Colloquium on Combinatorics
Organized by: Technical University Braunschweig
Field: Mathematics
Place: Braunschweig
Country: Germany
From: 13.11.1998
To: 14.11.1998
Language(s): english, german
Description: Arrival is planned for Thursday, November 12, in the evening. The end of the colloquium will be on Saturday, November 14, in the late afternoon. In invited lectures in the morning and short contributions of 20 minutes length in parallel sessions in the afternoon topics dealing with combinatorics and discrete mathematics in the widest sense will be discussed.
Abstract: 01.11.1998
Contribution: ..
Registration: 01.10.1998
URL 1: Conference page
E-mail 1: Christian Thuermann, organizer
E-mail 2: Prof. Dr. H. Harborth, organizer
E-mail 3: Prof. Dr. A. Kemnitz, organizer

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