Organized by: EASST'98 has been sponsored by DGXII/European Commission and the FundaƧ?o Portuguesa para a Ci?ncia e Tecnologia
Field: Statistics, Education, Social Science
Place: Lisbon
Country: Portugal
From: 01.10.1998
To: 03.10.1998
Language(s): english
Description: Topics suggested up to now include, inter alia: policies for science and technology at the European and national levels; European science and globalization; research collaboration and networking across national borders; public sector research; political sociology of large technical systems; health and technology, public understanding, expert, and public participation in European decision-making; controversies studies; gender and STS; interdisciplinary research for sustainable development; technology studies; the virtual society; social problems and STS; technological development and (un)employment; environmental issues and STS; STS and the Third World; urban planning, transportation; science and technology in contemporary art; history and sociology of the sciences; epistemics and cross-disciplinary dialogues among the social and the hard sciences
Abstract: 28.02.1998
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