Conference: CEFES'98 - Computational Economics
Field: Statistics, Mathematics, OR, Computer Science, Economics
Place: University of Cambridge, Cambridge
Country: UK
From: 29.06.1998
To: 01.07.1998
Language(s): english
Description: The scope of the conference can be as wide as the participants make it. However, we expect that papers will deal with a wide range of issues in the modelling and understanding of economics systems.. We invite participation from all branches of economics and finance, and related areas in computer science, controls systems, operations research, statistics, and mathematics, in both the academic and business worlds. Papers will cover both quantitative and empirical methods for economics and finance including, but not limited to, optimisation, linear and non-linear equations, computationally intensive statistical methods, option pricing, RBC modelling, CGE modelling, neural networks, agent-based economics, rational expectations modelling, computation of Nash equilibrium, variational inequalities, genetic algorithms, simulation methods, automatic differentiation, Bayesian methods, databases, network economics, option pricing, and artificial intelligence.
Abstract: 01.12.1997
Contribution: 01.02.1998
Registration: 15.03.1998
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