Conference: International Congress of Mathematicians
Organized by: International Mathematical Union (IMU), Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung (DMV), Mathematical Institutes in Berlin
Field: Mathematics, Education
Place: Berlin
Country: Germany
From: 18.08.1998
To: 27.08.1998
Language(s): English, French, German, Russian
Description: Mathematics is the alphabet by means of which God described the universe. In whose words if not those of Galileo Galilei could one better describe the - for many people - mysterious world of numbers and figures.
As a universal language, mathematics links people and makes international cooperation possible, which provides again and again the basis for new discoveries.
Berlin, the place where Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz worked, Berlin with its location in the center of Europe, Berlin, the capital of reunited Germany, would deem it a great honour to host the International Mathematicians Congress in 1998.
I cordially invite you to come to our city in order to make a mathematical discovery: here, in the reunited Berlin, 1+1=1.
Eberhard Diepgen, Governing Mayor of Berlin
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