Conference: First international Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation
Organized by: ELRA in cooperation with other Associations and Consortia, including ACL, ALLC, COCOSDA, EAFT, EAGLES, EDR, ELSNET, ESCA, EURALEX, FRANCIL, LDC, PAROLE, TELRI, etc., and with major national and international organizations, including the European Commission - DG XIII, ARPA, NSF, the IC/863 Project (China), the ICSP Permanent Committee (Korea) and the Japanese Project for International Coordination in Corpora, Assessment and Labeling.
Field: Internet, Education, Social Science, Publishing, Lingustics
Place: Granada
Country: Spain
From: 28.05.1998
To: 30.05.1998
Language(s): english
Description: In the framework of the Information Society, the pervasive character of language technologies and their relevance to practically all the fields of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has been widely recognized.
Two issues are currently considered particularly relevant: the availability of language resources and the methods for the evaluation of resources, technologies and products. Substantial mutual benefits can be expected from addressing these issues through international cooperation.
Abstract: 01.12.1997
Contribution: 20.04.1998
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