Conference: MATH/CHEM/COMP '97
Organized by: The Inter-University Center, Dubrovnik, Croatia, The University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia, The "Rugjer Boskovic" Institute, Zagreb, Croatia, The International Society for Mathematical Chemistry, The International Society for Theoretical Chemical Physics.
Field: Mathematics, Computer Science, Chemistry
Place: Dubrovnik
Country: Croatia
From: 23.06.1997
To: 28.06.1997
Language(s): english
Description: Any subject pertinent in an interdisciplinary way to mathematics or computer sciences and chemistry is a legitimate topic for the twelfth annual international course and conference Math/Chem/Comp '97. Current research in the applications of computer modeling, combinatorics, graph theory and topology to any area of chemistry and physics is recommended. The participants willing to deliver introductory courses or survey lectures on selected topics to nonspecialists should contact the organizer.
The first day of the meeting is devoted to the memory of late Dr. Marko Razinger, a pioneer of chemometrics in Central and Eastern Europe.
The third day of the meeting is devoted to the chemistry, physics and mathematics of fullerenes.
Abstract: 15.04.1997
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URL 1: Call for Papers
E-mail 1: Ante Graovac
Snail-mail 1: Organizer Address:
Prof. Ante Graovac, The "R. Boskovic" Institute,
tel 1: +(385)-(1)-4561-01    Ante Graovac
fax 2: +(385)-(1)-425-497    Ante Graovac

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