Conference: EuroTeX '98 - Xth European TeX Conference
Organized by: GUTenberg
Field: Computer Science, Internet, Publishing
Place: St Malo
Country: France
From: 29.03.1998
To: 31.03.1998
Language(s): english, french
Description: GUTenberg is organizing EuroTeX'98 which will be a part of WEPT'98, the second Week on Electronic documents and Typography, including also the following conferences EP'98 (Electronic Publishing), RIDT'98 (Raster Imaging and digital Typography) and PODDP'98 (Principles of Digital Document Processing). EuroTeX'98 will be the place where the principal actors in the field of scientific and technical publishing, especially those using TeX as typesetting engine, will meet. Several tutorials will also be organized.
Abstract: 15.10.1997
Contribution: 01.02.1998
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