Conference: ICSQ'97 - International conference on software quality
Organized by: University of Maribor, School of Business and Economics
Association of Economics, Maribor
Institute of Information Sciences, Maribor
Field: Computer Science
Place: Maribor
Country: Slovenia
From: 17.11.1997
To: 19.11.1997
Language(s): english
Description: This is the fourth biannual conference on software quality organised in Maribor. The aim of ICSQ'97 is to provide technology and knowledge transfer between academia, industry, research and services, in the field of software quality by:
  • presentation and discussion of new and ongoing research results
  • presenting real software improvement projects
  • discussing business opportunities like software localisation and multinational software projects
  • acquainting the research community with the problems of practical applications

Abstract: 15.05.1997
Contribution: 01.10.1997
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