Conference: IBERAMIA-98 Sixth Iberoamerican Conference on Artificial Intelligence
Organized by: Portuguese Association for Artificial Intelligence
Field: Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis
Place: Lisbon
Country: Portugal
From: 05.10.1998
To: 09.10.1998
Language(s): english
Description: The scientific program will be structured along two main modules, the open discussion and the paper track. October 5, a bank holiday in Portugal, may be dedicated to see the World Fair Expo'98. The first day of the Conference (tuesday) is organized with tutorials directed to informatics professionals, the formal opening, the IBERAMIA lecture delivered by a distinguished iberoamerican researcher, and the declaration of the prize Jose Negrete awarded by the Scientific Committee to the best paper submitted. Also, and in parallel, working groups will be organized in order to discuss general topics (eg. scientific and industrial joint cooperation). The open discussion track (wednesday) will be composed by working sessions devoted to the most important areas of research in iberoamerican countries, the AI Education Symposium dedicated to confront ideas about the best ways to teach AI, a session to present the best M. Sc. or Ph. D. thesis of the whole region, and a video conference panel to establish bridges between Europe and America (involving those unable to attend this panel). The paper track (thursday and friday) will be composed by invited talks and paper presentations from all over the world on the full range of AI research and covering both theoretical and foundational issues, and applications as well.
Some Workshops will be organized the week before, namely one on Distributed Artificial Intelligence (following the first one in Xalapa (Mexico) in 1996, before IBERAMIA-96, and on any other topics to be proposed by those interested in activating the current research.
Abstract: 01.02.1998
Contribution: 15.06.1998
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E-mail 1: Prof. Helder Coelho
tel 1: 351.1.7573141 ext.2562    Prof. Helder Coelho
fax 2: 351.1.7500084    Prof. Helder Coelho

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