Conference: Complex Networks / Statphys23
Organized by: Sardegna ricerche, University of Cagliari
Field: Mathematics, Statistics, Data Analysis, Visualization, Computer Science, Social Science, Network Analysis
Place: Pula (Cagliari)
Country: Italy
From: 02.07.2007
To: 06.07.2007
Language(s): english
Description: The role of Complex Networks in the present society is becoming more and more important and urges for the theoretical framework of Statistical Physics. These structures appear in several systems from Biology to Computer Science tuning and ruling most of the organism life activities as well the functioning of technological networks. Thanks to the presence of experts in these fields this meeting will present the state of the art in the analysis and modeling of Complex Networks.

The conference will focus on the application of Complex networks theory to the fields of: Computer Science, Biology (Botany, Zoology), Genetics (Protein-Protein Interaction, Metabolic, Gene Signalling), Social Science; particular interest will be devoted to the latest results in modelling of network evolution and dynamics as well as to extension of Graph Theory to Weighted Graphs.
Abstract: ..
Contribution: 30.04.2007
Registration: 15.05.2007
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