Conference: INET'98
Organized by: Sponsored by the Internet Society
Field: Computer Science, Internet, Education
Place: Geneva
Country: Switzerland
From: 21.07.1998
To: 24.07.1998
Language(s): english
Description: INET, the annual meeting of the Internet Society, is the premier international event for Internet and internetworking professionals. It is the crossroads at which the world's cyberspace pioneers meet to exchange experiences and plan their next steps. Each year, network technologists, industry and government representatives, and policy experts meet to share information and shape the future of the Internet and its related internetworking technologies.
In 1998, INET will address both the traditional and evolving frontiers of the Internet as well as its significant impact on education, commerce, and societies throughout the world. Multiple conference tracks will address critical issues ranging from network engineering to user needs, from regulatory issues to the Internet's role as a conduit for social change, and from the transformation of education to the redefinition of commerce.
The INET'98 Program Committee solicits abstracts of papers and suggestions for panels, tutorials and poster sessions which describe innovative developments, encourage vigorous discussion and further the understanding of the Internet's frontiers.
Additional information: PRE-CONFERENCE EVENTS

Network Training Workshop: 12-19 July 1998 (France, Latin America and Switzerland)
Technical Tutorials: 20-21 July 1998
K-12 (Primary & Secondary) Workshop: 21 July 1998
African Networking Symposium: 21 July 1998
Abstract: 24.10.1997
Contribution: 13.02.1998
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