Conference: International Workshop on Complex Systems and Networks
Organized by: Babe?-Bolyai University, EMTE-Sapientia University, the Hungarian University Institute from Cluj and the Center for Complexity Studies from Bucharest.
Field: Mathematics, Statistics, Data Analysis, Visualization, Computer Science, Internet, Social Science, Physics, Network Analysis
Place: Sovata
Country: Romania
From: 15.07.2007
To: 20.07.2007
Language(s): english
Description: The meeting will bring together researchers of various backgrounds dealing with interdisciplinary problems related to complex systems and networks. The workshop will aim to serve as a discussion platform for physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists, biologists, chemists and economists interested in complex interdisciplinary problems, as well as to familiarize a new generation of students with this fascinating research field.
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Contribution: ..
Registration: 15.04.2007
URL 1: Meeting Info

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