Conference: 2nd PREPARE Summer Institute - The Modelling of (Spatial) Interaction
Organized by: PREPARE, the "Priority European Programme in Advanced Regional Economics" offers an integrated structure of training, active participation, and discussion for PhD students and young researchers in regional science. The programme is funded by the European Union through its Marie Curie Actions and is held in close cooperation with the European Regional Science Association (ERSA).
Field: Mathematics, Statistics, Data Analysis, Visualization, Computer Science, Social Science, Network Analysis
Place: Bratislava
Country: Slovakia
From: 02.07.2007
To: 11.07.2007
Language(s): english
Description: The goal of the 20th ERSA / 2nd PREPARE Summer Institute is to provide PhD-students and young researchers with
* advanced training in the modelling of interaction, particularly spatial interaction,
* an opportunity to present and discuss their research,
* skills and knowledge to advance their careers as researchers.
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Registration: 05.03.2007
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