Conference: Context-Sensitive Decision Support Systems
Organized by: IFIP Working Group 8.3 on Decision Support Systems and the University of Maribor, Faculty of Organisational Sciences
Field: OR, Computer Science, Social Science, Artificial Intelligence
Place: Bled
Country: Slovenia
From: 13.07.1998
To: 15.07.1998
Language(s): english
Description: The focus of this conference is on issues related to developing context-sensitive decision support systems (DSS). There are a number of contexts that need to be taken into account (e.g., cultural, organizational, task-, role- or individual-related), depending on the purpose of the DSS and its target user(s). These contexts interact with and influence each other and an appreciation of their importance, in their totality, in design decisions can give rise to DSS which are adaptable to different environments and circumstances.
The adaptability of a decision support system should be considered along two different dimensions. On one hand, we have the horizontal dimension which considers changes though time within a particular context. That is, organizations and their practices change their requirements for decision support and technology continuously progresses to the effect that designers are given a much wider range of technical possibilities for providing decision support in a manner that could be more effective. Moreover, specific DSS face the problem where data, information and knowledge are continuously evolving. On the other hand, we have the vertical dimension of adaptability which relates to the transferability of the DSS to different (cultural or organizational) contexts. DSS, designed on the basis of an image of a generalizable task or role, irrespective of its context, will fail their purpose because they may be too general to support fully even the original intended user(s) because his/her cultural and organizational context has not been taken into account.
This conference aims to initiate a discussion on these issues which are of vital importance to designing effective and adaptable DSS. It will welcome contributions from all disciplines as the issues in question cut across different disciplines, each making its unique contribution to the topic.
Additional information: We can provide timely feedback about your paper if you provide a 500-600 word abstract by 1 October 1997. All submissions can be sent by e-mail to: Dina Berkeley at the London School of Economics.
Abstract: 01.10.1997
Contribution: 09.01.1998
Registration: 16.03.1998
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