Conference: Computer Experiments versus Physical Experiments
Organized by: Joint ENBIS-DEINDE 2007 Conference
Field: Statistics
Place: Torino
Country: Italy
From: 11.04.2007
To: 13.04.2007
Language(s): English
Description: The ENBIS-DEINDE 2007 Conference aims to join people working on Design of Experiments and related fields. DEINDE was first introduced in the early nineties as a forum for researchers and practitioners alike to discuss topics related to industrial experimentation. This conference is to join common areas of interest of DEINDE and ENBIS organizations. The conference intends to bring together both leading experts and researchers, thus creating a forum to cover recent progress and to stimulate exchanges among active researchers.
Abstract: 15.01.2007
Contribution: ..
Registration: 15.03.2007
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