Conference: Workshop on Data Stream Analysis
Organized by:
Field: Statistics, Data Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Visualization, Internet, Social Science
Place: Belvedere di San Leucio, Caserta
Country: Italy
From: 14.03.2007
To: 16.03.2007
Language(s): english
Description: A growing number of applications in areas like networking, retail industry or sensor networks are dealing with a challenging type of data: data is produced over time in an unpredictable fashion, representing streams of network traffic, retail transactions or sensor-measured values. A key requirement of such applications is to continuously monitor and react to interesting phenomena occurring in the input streams. Streaming applications are usually characterized by transient relations, continuous queries, approximate answers and one-pass evaluation. These characteristics make them incompatible with several assumptions usually made in traditional databases as well as in statistical techniques. Indeed, simply storing the arriving data into a traditional database management system and manipulating the stored data is impossible. This special European Workshop seeks to bring together researchers working on knowledge discovery problems in data streams.

While the primary objective of this Workshop is to provide an avenue for dissemination of research results and works in progress, we also seek to discuss the future development of knowledge discovery in data streams, and how the research will benefit applications. We invite authors to submit their work that demonstrates current research and novel applications in this area.
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Contribution: 01.10.2006
Registration: 31.10.2006
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