Conference: European Conference on Complex Systems 2006 (ECCS '06)
Organized by: European Complex Systems Society
Field: Mathematics, Statistics, Data Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Visualization, Computer Science, Internet, Social Science
Place: University of Oxford
Country: UK
From: 25.09.2006
To: 29.09.2006
Language(s): english
Description: Complex systems, as networks of interacting entities, are studied empirically through the rapidly increasing mass of data which has become available in many different domains. At the same time, these different domains also appear to share many new and fundamental theoretical questions. These circumstances should encourage the interdisciplinary development of a new science of complex systems.
ECCS ’06 is the second in an annual series of conferences organised by the new European Complex Systems Society. The European Commission is providing financial support for the conference through the ONCE-CS and GIACS Coordination Actions, which are funded under the Sixth Framework by the Future and Emerging Technologies Unit of the Information Society Technology (IST) Programme and the New and Emerging Technology (NEST) initiative respectively.
Additional information: All submissions must be made electronically as PDF files via the conference website ( by 7 April 2006. Page limits will be strictly enforced.
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Contribution: 07.04.2006
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