Conference: KNEMO'06 - International Workshop on Knowledge Extraction and Modeling
Organized by: Department of Mathematics and Statistics of the University of Naples “Federico II” Italy
Field: Mathematics, Statistics, Data Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Visualization, Computer Science
Place: Capri
Country: Italy
From: 04.09.2006
To: 06.09.2006
Language(s): english
Description: The objective of the Workshop (a satellite event of COMPSTAT 2006 Conference in Rome) is to give an overview on the theme of "Knowledge Extraction & Modeling" with up-to-date lectures showing the state-of-art but also the most recent advances and future challenges. The Workshop is aimed at focusing on a theme that is not yet firmly established in literature or research. Namely, the Workshop is meant to address the analysis of čomplex systems" where the difficulty of analysis is not only the availability of huge masses of data but also the complex structure of relationships. It is somehow the problem of extracting information from models, not just data. The challenge consists in considering the interaction between Knowledge Extraction and Modeling by investigating two possible directions: Knowledge Extraction from models, Knowledge Extraction by modeling.
Abstract: 24.03.2006
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