Conference: ISWC-2005 Workshop on Semantic Network Analysis
Organized by:
Field: Data Analysis, Visualization, Computer Science, Internet, Social Science
Place: Galway
Country: Ireland
From: 07.11.2005
To: ..
Language(s): english
Description: There exists an increasing interest of the social network analysis community in the web. The semantic web provides an additional aspect as it distinguishes between different kinds of relations, allowing for more complex analysis schemes. Our aim is to bring the two communities together in order to learn from each other. We expect especially that the semantic web community can largely benefit from the long tradition present in social network analysis. Beside analyzing social networks and cooperative structures within the (semantic) web, our second aim is to exploit the results for supporting and improving communities in their interaction. An important research topic is thus how to include network analysis tools in working environments such as knowledge management systems, peer to peer systems or knowledge portals.
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Contribution: 15.07.2005
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