Conference: Knowledge Extraction III
Organized by: Mass Vega Klub
Field: Mathematics, Computer Science
Place: Faculty of Mathematic and Physic, Ljubljana
Country: Slovenia
From: 15.08.2004
To: 22.08.2004
Language(s): english
Description: Knowledge Extraction is an international one-week student event taking place mostly, but not only (there's a final trip), in Ljubljana. This year it is organized for the third time (hence the "III" in the name). The topics covered are applied mathematics and computer science. This year we have set out to make the technical part of the conference really applied. Three real problems with mathematical background encountered in the work of companies will be presented, together with the mathematical and software tools that may be used to solve them. The main part of the conference will be workshops where participants will have a chance to dig into these problems and thus use their mathematical knowledge the way it is used in information technology, industry and other non- academic areas. Of course, the equally important social/cultural/fun part of the conference won't be missing and will include the main sights of Ljubljana, outdoor and indoor activities and the traditional final whole-day trip to the highlights of the central northern region of Slovenia.
Additional information: Time and place The conference will take place (mostly) in Ljubljana, Slovenia, during August 15 to 22, 2004. If you have any questions whatsoever, please contact us at -- we will be glad to reply as promptly as possible! Applications and Eligibility All under- or postgraduate students interested in the fields covered are welcome to apply. Since the language of the conference is English, applicants should be comfortable speaking it. Up to 30 foreign students will be accepted. Acceptance criteria are: motivation letter, field of study, application date. You may apply via e-mail to Include the following data in the application: First name: Last name: Gender (F/M): Date of birth: E-mail address: Passport number: University/Faculty: Residential address: Citizenship: Do you need visa for Slovenia? (Y/N) Motivation letter: Write a short letter (up to one A4 page) telling us something about you and why you would like to participate in the conference! IMPORTANT: If you are planning to participate, please find out whether you need a Visa! If you do, apply as soon as possible so that we can send you an invitation and any other documents you might need in obtaining the Visa! Here is some more information on applying for a Visa for Slovenia. Application deadline is Saturday, July 31, 2004. Costs All relevant expenses (lodging, meals, trip costs) will be covered by the organizer. Participants will be required to pay only their travel expenses to Ljubljana, and the participation fee: 50€ for students from EU before May 2004, USA, Switzerland, Norway; 10€ for students from other countries (including the new EU member states). Participants from Slovenia are dismissed of participation fee if they have their own lodging.
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