Conference: Combinatorics '04
Organized by: University of Catania
Field: Mathematics, Combinatorics, Visualization, Computer Science, Chemistry
Place: Capomulini, Catania
Country: Italy
From: 12.09.2004
To: 18.09.2004
Language(s): English
Description: Combinatorics '04 will be the 12th conference of the series organized in Italy, since 1982. This series was preceded by the "International Conference on Combinatorial Geometries and their Applications", in honour of Beniamino Segre, Rome June 7-12, 1981.
The aim of the conference is to present recent developments in Pure and Applied Combinatorics and its connections with Graph Theory, Geometry and Algebra.
Main Topics: Design Theory, Finite Geometries, Graphs: colorings, decompositions and embeddings.
Abstract: 30.06.2004
Contribution: ..
Registration: 31.05.2004
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