Conference: ICME-10 - international congress on mathematical education
Organized by: ICMI -The International Commission on Mathematical Instruction
Field: Education, Mathematics, Combinatorics, Statistics, Visualization
Place: Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen
Country: Denmark
From: 04.07.2004
To: 11.07.2004
Language(s): english
Description: The IPC has put together a rich, varied and multi-faceted scientific programme for the congress, with the aim of attracting and addressing the entire community of researchers and practitioners in mathematics education all over the world. The programme will provide food for thought and inspiration for practice for all, from the established mathematics educator of world renown to the novice in the field attending their first ICME, and to everyone else with an interest in mathematics education. Through plenary activities, lectures, reports from survey teams, discussions and other activities, the state of the art in mathematics education research and the practices of mathematics teaching will be examined and demonstrated from various perspectives.
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Contribution: 01.01.2004
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