Conference: ALLC/ACH 2004 - Computing and Multilingual, Multicultural Heritage
Organized by: The Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing and the Association for Computers and the Humanities
Field: Education, Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Internet, Social Science, Publishing, language
Place: Göteborg University
Country: Sweden
From: 11.06.2004
To: 16.06.2004
Language(s): english
Description: Recent years have seen an enormous growth in the use of IT resources for research and teaching in the humanities. How exactly are they shaping the ways in which humanities scholars work? What are the fields of humanities scholarship that are most affected by the use of computers and computation? What are the new methodologies being introduced and applied? How can digital resources benefit the humanities community and the community at large?
The expansion of the European Union has brought with it an increased focus on the issue of multilingualism and multiculturalism. What are the implications of this to humanities computing? What is the role of IT technologies in establishing multilingualism? What is the role of individual scientific and educational tasks, joint projects, or educational and electronic library resources? How can humanities computing help in the challenge to preserve individual cultures in a multicultural environment? What is the role of humanities computing in the preservation and creation of a multilingual, multicultural heritage?
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Contribution: 17.11.2003
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