Conference: Workshop on correlated data modeling
Organized by: The conference is sponsored by: Fondazione ''Franca e Diego de Castro'' and University of Torino
Field: Mathematics, Statistics, Data Analysis
Place: Torino
Country: Italy
From: 09.01.2004
To: 10.01.2004
Language(s): english
Description: This workshop aims to be a forum encouraging conctacts between econometrics and biometrics, where the use of models for correlated data is large and their applications is critical.
The concept of correlated data is intended in a broad sense. In the definition are included spatial, temporal or other kind of correlation schemes. In the very last years there has been a growing interest in modeling such data, and a lot of models are essentially based on the scheme of the estimating functions.
Abstract: 15.07.2003
Contribution: 01.11.2003
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