Conference: GD 2003 - 11th International Symposium on Graph Drawing
Organized by: University of Perugia
Field: Mathematics, Data Analysis, Visualization, Computer Science, Publishing
Place: Perugia
Country: Italy
From: 21.09.2003
To: 24.09.2003
Language(s): english
Description: Graph Drawing is concerned with the geometric representation of graphs and networks and is motivated by those applications where it is crucial to visualize structural information as graphs. Bridging the gap between theoretical advances and implemented solutions is an important aspect of the conference. Indeed, advances in graph drawing are a key factor in such technological areas as Web computing, e-commerce, VLSI circuit design, information systems, software engineering, bioinformatics, networking, and cybergeography. Researchers and practitioners working on theoretical and practical aspects of graph drawing are welcome to participate.
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Contribution: 31.05.2003
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