Conference: 9th International Facet Theory Conference
Organized by:
Field: Statistics, Data Analysis, Social Science, Psychology
Place: Ljubljana
Country: Slovenia
From: 20.07.2003
To: 23.07.2003
Language(s): english
Description: Facet Theory, developed by Louis Guttman, is a systematic approach to coordinating theory and research. It comprises the population of respondents, the definitional framework of the research question, and the constructing of hypotheses linking the definitional system and aspects of the empirical data.

The aims of the conference are:
to present theoretical advances in Facet Theory and Facet design;
to review recent applications of the Facet approach in diverse fields and illustrate the contribution of these studies to cumulative science to demonstrate methodological advances in multivariate analysis and comparison with other methodologies;
to explore the uses of Facet Theory as a tool for policy making.
Abstract: 20.12.2002
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