Conference: INTERACT97, 6th IFIP Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
Organized by: The INTERACT conferences are under the Auspices of the IFIP International Federation for Information Processing Technical Committee on Human-Computer Interaction (IFIP TC13)
Field: Computer Science, Internet, Education, Social Science, Artificial Intelligence
Place: Darling Harbour Convention Centre, Sydney
Country: Australia
From: 14.07.1997
To: 18.07.1997
Language(s): english
Description: The INTERACT97 Technical Programme provides a wide variety of events and activities that will be of great interest to HCI researchers and practitioners and to those who are discovering HCI for the first time. Presentations from around the world reflect traditional perspectives of HCI and new worlds that embrace current advances, especially in groupwork, internet design, multimedia and other applications. In addition to four parallel sessions covering papers, panels, forums, organisational and laboratory overviews, new and innovative technologies, the technical programme will feature a number of special events.
Our keynote speakers will focus on current important issues relating to HCI and its relevance to people using technology now and into the 21st century. Our invited speakers will showcase significant work being done in Australia. Issues addressed by these speakers include: advancing our understanding of people's capabilities to enhance and improve technological developments that are in harmony with human needs and characteristics; and how to improve traditional systems development processes used by industry to create more usable systems and environments. In addition to the set sessions, a variety of additional events will be displayed during the conference period.
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