Conference: Eurologo 2003
Organized by: Eurologo and Cnotinfor
Field: Education, Mathematics, Visualization, Computer Science, Internet, Publishing
Place: Porto
Country: Portugal
From: 27.08.2003
To: 30.08.2003
Language(s): english
Description: Be creative. re-inventing technology on education.
Teachers and students as learners and authors building together learning communities is a new challenge for educators and researchers. Eurologo'2003 will focus on creative use of technology as a learning tool in terms of Logo philosophy, but not restricted to Logo languages and environments. After some decades of computers use on education, we need to re-invent the use of technology on education and reflect upon different models and approaches.
Abstract: 30.11.2002
Contribution: 31.03.2003
Registration: 30.04.2003
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URL 2: Cnotinfor
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