Conference: COMPSTAT'2010
Organized by: The conference, sponsored by the European Regional Section of the IASC, is locally organized by the CNAM (Conservatoire National des Arts et M├ętiers) with the support of INRIA, the french National Institute for research in computer science and control.
Field: Mathematics, Statistics, Data Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Visualization, Computer Science, Social Science
Place: Paris
Country: France
From: 22.08.2010
To: 27.08.2010
Language(s): english
Description: Statistical computing establishes link between statistical theory and applied statistics. As for previous COMPSTAT conferences, the scientific programme will cover all aspects underlying that link: from the development and implementation of new statistical ideas to user experiences and software evaluation. The programme should appeal to anyone working in statistics and using computers, whether in universities, industrial companies, government agencies, research institutes, as well as software developers.
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Contribution: 10.01.2010
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