Conference: CASoN 2009
Organized by:
Field: Mathematics, Data Analysis, Visualization, Computer Science, Internet, Social Science, Network Analysis
Place: Fontainebleau
Country: France
From: 24.06.2009
To: 27.06.2009
Description: International Conference on Computational Aspects of Social Networks

Social networks provide a powerful abstraction of the structure and dynamics of diverse kinds of people or people-to-technology interaction. These social network systems are usually characterized by the complex network structures and rich accompanying contextual information. Recent trends also indicate the usage of complex network as a key feature for next generation usage and exploitation of the Web. This international conference on “Computational Aspect of Networks” is focused on the foundations of social networks as well as case studies, empirical, and other methodological works related to the computational tools for the automatic discovery of Web-based social networks. This conference provides an opportunity to compare and contrast the ethological approach to social behavior in animals (including the study of animal tracks and learning by members of the same species) with web-based evidence of social interaction, perceptual learning, information granulation, the behavior of humans and affinities between web-based social networks. The main topics cover the design and use of various computational intelligence tools and software, simulations of social networks, representation and analysis of social networks, use of semantic networks in the design and community-based research issues such as knowledge discovery, privacy and protection, and visualization.
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Contribution: 30.03.2009
Registration: 18.05.2009
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