Conference: IFCS'98 - Sixth Conference of the International Federation of Classification Societies
Organized by: The International Federation of Classification Societies and Classification Group of Italian Statistical Society.
Field: Statistics, Mathematics, Pattern Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Data analysis
Place: Universita' La Sapienza di Roma, Rome
Country: Italy
From: 21.07.1998
To: 24.07.1998
Language(s): english
Description: The program should be of interest to anyone concerned in classification, data analysis and computational issues in the broad sense and in as wide a range of applications as possible.
Additional information: There will be a software demonstration and book exhibition of professional vendors in the conference building.
Abstract: 15.10.1997
Contribution: 15.01.1998
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Dpt Statistica, Probabilita' e Statistiche Applicate
Universita' La Sapienza di Roma - P.le A. Moro, 5
00185 Roma
fax 1: +39 6 4959241    IFCS'98, organizers

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