Conference: LILNET - micro-macro relations in the social sciences
Organized by: Institute of Sociology, University of Lille 1
Field: Statistics, Data Analysis, Social Science, networks
Place: "Institut d'Administration des Entreprises" (IAE), 104 Avenue du Peuple Belge, 59043 Lille
Country: France
From: 30.05.2002
To: 31.05.2002
Language(s): english or french
Description: The success of the 2000 thematic conference of network analysts in Maastricht, on network sampling, organized by Marinus Spreen, Ove Frank, and Tom Snijders, is an incentive to organize a new such conference, this time on a different topic: advances in structural thinking and modelling of micro-macro relations in the social sciences.
The goal of this conference is to provide and discuss recent contributions, by social scientists using network analysis, to the issue of micro-macro relations. At this early stage, we are looking for any expression of interest, support, and contribution to the organization of the conference (titles of papers, suggestions of sessions, training seminars, etc.). Theoretical and/or methodological, empirical and /or simulation-based presentations focusing on the topic of micro-macro relations in all kinds of substantive fields will be most welcome
Abstract: 15.01.2002
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