Conference: INFOS'01
Organized by: ZTKS, Cankarjev Dom, Infos.
Field: Computer Science, Internet
Place: Ljubljana
Country: Slovenia
From: 22.10.2001
To: 26.10.2001
Language(s): slovene, english
Description: Eighteen years ago the visionary ideas and wishes about how to promote progress in a most efficient way were combined in the initial stages of an event which has been known through the last years as the annual INFOS event. However, INFOS has long ago moved beyond its former boundaries: it is no more only a concept but we can justly speak of an integral environment of information technology, which year after year reaches its peak and perfection at the educational trade-fair event INFOS.
Therefore, it is returning this year as well - INFOS'01.
The main event shall contribute to a further institution of the integral philosophy of information-telecommunication technologies (ITT) and satisfy our needs and wishes of continual training. It shall provide an environment for the presentation of the latest achievements and the space for an exchange of visions and experience within all dimensions of ITT and its uses.
It combines today with tomorrow. You are kindly invited to join us
Additional information: The Information Society multi-conference will be held as a part of the main annual Slovenian National Information Event INFOS.
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URL 2: Information Society multi-conference

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