Conference: Euro Education '98 (Conference and Exhibition)
Organized by: Danish Ministry of Education, European Commission, Nordic Council of Ministers, local authorities (Jutland and Aalborg)
Field: Education
Place: Aalborg Congress and Culture Center, Aalborg
Country: Denmark
From: 27.05.1998
To: 30.05.1998
Language(s): english
Description: Communication and Information Technology (CIT) means that everyone involved in education has to consider their methods, both in terms of setting curricula and teaching techniques. CIT requires a knowledge of resources, organisation and training. It requires constant development, and so, a dynamic process has been established to help.
The aim of this conference is:
  • Place focus on this process.
  • Reveal some of the areas where both the demands and the possibilities for individual use of CIT are constantly increasing.
  • Provide a framework in the conference to enable participants to work together on development issues.
Main themes:
  • CIT and partnership.
  • CIT and the changing role of the teacher.
  • CIT and new goals, contents and methods.

Additional information: Conference Registration Fee: DKK 2720/3400 before/after 1 January 1998
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Contribution: 01.11.1997
Registration: 24.04.1998
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