Conference: 2nd International Workshop DETECH (Using Technology in Open and Distance Learning)
Organized by: Center for Distance Education Development at University of Maribor
Field: Education
Place: Maribor
Country: Slovenia
From: 13.09.2001
To: 14.09.2001
Language(s): english
Description: The second international DETECH workshop will bring together faculties, teachers, students, university administrators and industry experts, interested in Open and Distance Learning (ODL). The focus of this international meeting is to address relevant trends, institutional policies, research results and practical experiences using technology supported Open and Distance Learning programmes. Pilot projects, applications, course presentations and products will also be welcome.
Abstract: 30.06.2001
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fax 1: +386 2 23 55 270    +386 2 23 55 274
tel 2: +386 2 22 07 105    

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