Conference: Online Educan Berlin - 7th International Conference on Technology Supported Learning & Training
Organized by: ICEF
Field: Education, Computer Science, Internet, Publishing
Place: Berlin
Country: Germany
From: 28.11.2001
To: 30.11.2001
Language(s): english
Description: ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN provides a major annual international forum for the eLearning industry to examine and evaluate the processes, procedures, techniques and tools for creating learning environments appropriate to the twenty-first century. ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN 2001 will be an event aimed at eLearning practitioners from all educational and training sectors and proposals to participate in the conference agenda should address at least one of the following: Approaches to Flexible Learning, Building Educational Resources, Organisational Issues, Case Studies, and Enabling Technologies, Products and Services
Abstract: 15.04.2001
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