Conference: Second International Symposium on Sensitivity Analysis of Model Output (SAMO'98)
Organized by: SAMO 98 is organised jointly by the Environment Institute of the Joint Research Centre of the EC and the University of Venice, Italy.
Field: Statistics, Mathematics, OR, Social Science
Place: Venice, Ca' Dolfin, University of Venice
Country: Italy
From: 19.04.1998
To: 22.04.1998
Language(s): english
Description: Sensitivity analysis (SA) aims to ascertain how a given model (numerical or otherwise) depends on its input parameters. SA can be thought of as a clearly defined and delimited discipline. Yet it occurs in a variety of different settings and fields, and it is hard to keep track of its progress. In spite of its apparent simplicity, in practice sensitivity analysis may be an arduous task even for models of limited complexity. Different branches of Mathematics and Statistics have produced very different and original ways to carry out an efficient SA. The sensitivity analysis community - composed of investigators from a wide spectrum of disciplines ranging from Mechanics to Economics - met for the first time in September 1995 (see This second International symposium will build on the first successful cross-fertilization exercise to strengthen the role of sensitivity analysis as a prerequisite for model building in all settings - be it diagnostic or prognostic - and all fields - be it mathematical, natural or social sciences - where models are used and developed (see background).
Abstract: 30.06.1997
Contribution: 21.12.1997
Registration: 15.10.1997
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