Conference: Small States in World Markets
Organized by: Göteborg University
Field: OR, Statistics, Data Analysis, Social Science, Economy
Place: Göteborg
Country: Sweden
From: 27.09.2001
To: 29.09.2001
Language(s): english
Description: The conference aims to address questions such as: Have the far-reaching structural changes of both the world economy and the national economies implied that smaller states, to a lesser extent than before, distinguish themselves from the larger states regarding their political-institutional qualities? Is it still correct to assert that those small states, in their effort to adjust their economies to obtain competitiveness, choose distinctive economic-political strategies? Given the incentive for adjustment, to what extent can a small state’s choices of economic-political strategies be explained in terms of differences in economic structure, institutional variables, political cleavage variables, party system variables, and ideological variables
Abstract: 15.04.2001
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