Conference: EuroTeX'2001 / TeX and Meta: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly Bits
Organized by: The EuroTeX 2001 Organizing Committee
Field: Mathematics, Visualization, Computer Science, Internet, Publishing
Place: Kerkrade
Country: the Netherlands
From: 23.09.2001
To: 27.09.2001
Language(s): english
Description: So, what are "Good, Bad and Ugly Bits"? Traditionally we tend to focus on Good Bits because they are so rewarding. It feels good to see a beautifully typeset document that you were able to produce using all the power that TeX and Metafont/MetaPost provide. We try to forget how many Bad Bits we had to overcome, and are proud that we found more or less elegant ways to program around them. Nevertheless, some of these difficulties should be regarded as Ugly Bits that would not exist in an ideal world.
What can we do? First of all, keep up the Good Bits and extend them if possible. Analyze the Bad Bits, learn from them, and find easy and generic ways to get around them. Find the Ugly Bits and eradicate them!
Let's make progress! Of course we need a lot of discussion to distinguish between Good, Bad and Ugly, and about ways to deal with them. We invite you all to demonstrate either of these bits. Feel free to present your application (Good and/or Bad and/or Ugly) at the conference
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