Conference: Graph Drawing 2001
Organized by: ADS-Group Vienna, CS Cologne, OEAW Vienna
Field: Mathematics, Combinatorics, Data Analysis, Visualization, Computer Science, Internet, Publishing
Place: Vienna
Country: Austria
From: 23.09.2001
To: 26.09.2001
Language(s): english
Description: Theory - Algorithms - Software. The symposium is a forum for researchers, practitioners, developers, and users working on all aspects of graph visualization and representation. The range of issues considered in graph drawing includes graph algorithms, graph theory, computational geometry, topology, planarity issues, combinatorics, optimization, heuristics, local search, computational cartography, information visualization, visual languages, visual perception, computer-human interaction, applications, and practical systems.
Graph drawing is becoming increasingly important in many applications including visualization tasks in software engineering (e.g., automatic layout of UML-diagrams), business process modelling (e.g., organization diagrams, event-driven process chains), and computational biology (e.g., display of biochemical pathways). Researchers and practitioners with an interest in these or other applications are especially welcome to participate
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Contribution: 28.05.2001
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