Conference: CAME 2001 Symposium: Communicating Mathematics through Computer Algebra Systems
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Field: Education, Mathematics, Visualization, Computer Science, Internet
Place: Freudenthal Institute, Utrecht
Country: Netherlands
From: 18.07.2001
To: 19.07.2001
Language(s): english
Description: Computer algebra systems find their way into the mathematics classroom more and more, in hand-held as well as in desk-top format. Although good teaching examples and experiences exist, it is clear that an efficient and successful use of an ICT tool such as computer algebra is not self-evident. Recent research has focused on the relation between techniques and conceptual understanding, on the role of the teacher and on the affordances of technology in realising specific pedagogical approaches. The CAME 2001 symposium will examine this research in plenary and topic group sessions, grouped into four themes as described below. Each of the four themes will be addressed in a plenary lecture and in a topic group, where the issues will be worked on in more detail, based on the experiences of the participants. The topic group sessions will aim at producing a specific result that is a synthesis of the results of the sessions
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