Conference: ESSE/4
Organized by: the European Society for the Study of English and University of Debrecen
Field: Computer Science, Education, English, Linguistics
Place: University of Debrecen, Debrecen
Country: Hungary
From: 05.09.1997
To: 09.09.1997
Language(s): english
Description: What is ESSE? The Society is a European federation of national higher educational associations for the study of English. The Society endeavours to reflect the cultural and geographical diversity of Europe in its institutions.
The aims of the Society are to advance the education of the public by promoting the European study and understanding of English languages, literatures in English and cultures of English-speaking peoples.
Additional information: One of the reasons that caused the ESSE board to choose Debrecen as the venue for its 4th conference is the hope to attract a larger number of participants from countries in Eastern Central and Eastern Europe. ESSE is making every effort to support potential participants from these countries. In view of its limited means, however, it urges you to seek funding from third parties and to inform the organisers of ESSE/4 of the success or otherwise of your applications as soon as at all possible.
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URL 1: ESSE/4 page

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