Conference: Global Co-operation in the New Millennium
Organized by: European Conference on Information Systems - ECIS Standing Committee
University of Maribor, Faculty of Organizational Sciences
Field: Computer Science, Internet, Social Science
Place: Bled
Country: Slovenia
From: 27.06.2001
To: 29.06.2001
Language(s): english
Description: Co-Operation in the New Millennium The overarching theme of Global Co-operation in the New Millennium was chosen to reflect our view of the discipline and practice of Information Systems in 2001. As companies become more international in their strategies and activities and the systems themselves span the globe, led by the ubiquitous Web, the discipline of Information Systems is becoming equally international in outlook. The growth in the size and stature of ECIS over the years accords with the evolution of a European dimension to the study of Information Systems. The increasing number of attendees from North America and the Asia Pacific region, together with the increasing amount of international research collaboration and faculty exchanges, is further testimony to a growing global co-operation within the discipline
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Contribution: 14.11.2000
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