Conference: 53rd Session of the International Statistical Institute
Organized by: The organizers of the 53rd Session of the ISI include the National Statistical Office of Korea, the Korean Statistical Society, the Korean Statistical Association as well as the International Statistical Institute.
Field: Statistics, Data Analysis
Place: Seoul
Country: Korea
From: 22.08.2001
To: 29.08.2001
Language(s): english, french
Description: The session will provide an arena to exchange ideas and knowledge on statistics among participants from all over the world; to enhance the coordination and integration of activities involving statistics; and to strengthen existing ties between statisticians in the government and the academic circles as well as between statistical societies and official and non-official organizations. It will be a dynamic forum for scientific exchanges in various fields of statistics and will, simultaneously, offer a precious opportunity for all participants to appreciate Korea's unique culture and history
Abstract: 22.01.2001
Contribution: 22.04.2001
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