Conference: EuroLogo 2001 - A Turtle Odyssey; 8th European Logo Conference
Organized by: Euro Logo and
Eurologo 2001 Preparation Committee: Gerald Futschek (Vienna University of Technology), Anton Knierzinger (IST Linz), Erich Neuwirth (University of Vienna).
Field: Education, Mathematics, Computer Science, Internet
Place: Linz
Country: Austria
From: 20.08.2001
To: 24.08.2001
Language(s): english
Description: This biannual scientific international conference addresses all scientists, developers and educators that develop, use or study all kinds of Logo or Logo-based software. Furthermore also investigations of other exploratory computational environments, classroom applications of Logo philosophy and other innovative educational research and practices that are in touch with the Logo approach are covered.
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: Learning with Logo: Cognitive, cultural and cross-cultural aspects; Learning by exploring, communication and collaboration; Methodology and curriculum design; Classroom practices; Pedagogical and psychological issues; Teacher education; Children with special needs; Software environments and tools; Mental models of computation; Robotics with Logo: connecting mind and physical reality; Implementing Logo philosophy with other software; Logo in the Information Society; Logo and global communication; Challenges of the Internet
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Contribution: 21.03.2001
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